Raj Daffu, born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. He began playing Dhol in 1999 and it all changed during Vaisakhi 300 in Nairobi when he saw a few Dhol Players performing. He approached Kuljinder singh Lotta(Ron Lotta) and asked him to teach him how to play the Dhol, reinstating his passion for Dhol and Punjabi music. He got his first dhol in 2000 and from then on, continued learning the basics from Ron every Saturday. Raj moved to moved to New York City and and accompanied Ustad Jarnail Singh, New York Based Dhol Player to events and performed alongside with him for events.


         He has successfully performed at events including: weddings, graduations, Sweet Sixteens, clubs and destination events such as Kenya, Jamaica, Mexico, Bahamas, Chile and Belize. After years of performing, Raj decided to step up his passion to another level by co-founding a Brass Band in New York City, which consists of a group of 8 or more musicians, called the Dhol Band Baja, who play number of instruments and provide the typical baraat music. These men are usually dressed in stricking or red uniforms. The instruments commonly played in a traditional Brass Band are Trumpets, Saxophones, Trombones, Tubas, Sousaphone, Clarinets, Cymbals, Tabla, Base Drum, Dhol,


For your next event, look to Raj and his talents to keep the crowd on their feet.